How to Know You Found the Right Home

Found the Right Home

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Choosing a home can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. What if you are not sure if the home you are choosing is the right one? Should you keep looking or avoid losing the opportunity to buy the seemingly right one? What if you like two homes at the same time? 

Sometimes it may be hard to decide, especially if your mind is telling you one thing and your heart is pointing at different option. In any case, choosing a home is similar to falling in love. When you find it you instinctively know. Here are some signs you may just have found the one for you.

You Get a Great First Impression

Sometimes you walk into a house but nothing really moves you. It just doesn’t inspire you. But, and don’t take this as the only factor, when you get very impressed the moment you see a home for the first time, it’s a good sign that it might be a good candidate.

The Home is Within Your Budget

You need to absolutely avoid considering homes that surpass your budget limits. Take into consideration is how much you can afford and look beyond the listing price. If choosing a home with a swimming pool because it looks pretty, you also have to consider the cost to maintain it. Small things like this can add up quickly and the seemingly right house can soon become the wrong one if it starts chocking your budget. 

The House Meets Your Basic Needs

Don’t look for a home that has every little detail exactly the way you want it. You may find it, but chances are there are going to be things you will rather to be different. Instead, look for a home that covers your priorities and basic needs while at the same time is appealing to your eyes. Location, quantity of rooms, size, beauty and price magically align for your happiness and pleasure.

You Start to Talk About Where You’d Put the Furniture

We are not referring to figuring out what goes where. But if you go beyond that and start to imagine your furniture or buying new one and how pretty would the home look if they are placed this or that way, that is a strong sign that the house may be a match for you. 

It Becomes the Rule to Which You Measure all Other Homes

Maybe you thought it was good enough but still wanted to see other houses just to make sure. However, when you visit those homes you feel they just aren’t good enough. Without even noticing, you start to compare every aspect of all other houses to that one house that just had almost everything right the way you wanted.

You Want to Tell Others About the Home

You start telling others how much you liked that particular home you visited and don’t shy away from sharing the details of every little aspect of it as if you can’t help it. If you feel excited while you are talking about it, maybe that’s the one for you. 

You Lose Motivation to See Other Homes

You keep looking at other options that your Realtor sends you but you start to reject homes for no relevant reasons. You just lose the desire to see most of those homes because they do not compare to that one you fell in love with.


Your mind and heart will be leaving clues for you through your emotions. Pay attention to those clues, they will be pointing at the right home for you and your family.

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